I have a degree in psychology and do graphic art on the side as a hobby. I have personally tagged the images that I have created/taken myself. All of the word images I have posted are my own creations. I am also a natural blonde with blue eyes, along with being an animal lover. (Not me in pic.)

♠My Interests♠

Psychology. Neuroscience. Glamour. Fantasy. Mythology. History. Science. Art. Graphic Design. Astronomy. Astrology. Traveling. Adventure. Cooking. Baking. Food. Cake. Candy. Cupcakes. Animals. Clothes. Accessories. Shoes. Jewelry. Cats. Cosmetics. Writing. Blogging. Pictures. Hello Kitty. Muppets.

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    Parce que je ne mange pas. Je bouffe.
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    Quand j’essaie de mâcher malgré mon abcès
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    Quand je vois quelqu’un qui a des cookies
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    Si tu veux demain je ramène des monster munch
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    Quand je mange et que je reçois un coup de fil très important, que je ne peux pas ignorer..
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    Quand avec loulunatik on mange des fruits secs avant les cours ! When with loulunatik we eat dried fruit before class!
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